Why should you choose Citi University?

One of the most innovative universities

If you are planning to study at university, why don’t you choose  the most innovative, the most exciting and the fastest growing one? We aim to be one of the top 100 universities in Asia in the near future. Our school provides free and professional job counseling to all students, acts as a bridge to major companies, and provides ongoing advice and assistance on our students further studies.

Learning environment and location

Studies have shown that the learning environment has a strong impact on the quality of learning. That’s why “CITI” University has an electronic library, latest modern equipment and a learning environment,  gym  as well as a small art stage that meet international standards. In 2017, We were selected as the “Best Landscaping Organization in the Capital City”. Also, our university is located in the “A” zone area of ​​the city, so it’s very convenient to study, and to keep up with the  urban life.

Discounts and promotion

We offer our students a partner organization,  international and national scholarship programs. It also provides financial aid, discounts, and exemptions for whom most in need. Most recently, nine students were awarded one million tugriks a year for four years.

Opportunity for self-development

“CITI” University consists of 6 component schools with different specialties and advantages: Law, Business, Beauty, Construction, Architecture and  Design, Arts and Humanities. Based on these unique features and advantages, our students are able to study diligently every day and reach their highest potentials  as individuals through competitions, contests, competitions and friendships.

In addition, you can participate in many activities such as teachers 'and students' events, free meetings, art exhibitions, art, cultural and sports events, and the CitiZone Center, which aims to support innovation, select and finance innovations and business projects.

Help and Support

CITI University can provide support, advice and counseling when needed.

Who studies at CITI University?

CITI University has about 1,500 students. Their scope and interest is amazing. Our university has students not only from Mongolia but from all over the world. "CITI" University can be considered as a real plays to fulfill your dreams and goals for anyone who is talented and motivated.

How is CITI University changing?

CITI University, the Mongolian partner of the European Union's Erasmus Mundus Higher Education Scholarship Program, organizes public events every year. We organize Pride Day, a variety of events as part of the Professional Awareness event such as  Public Speaking and Debate Clubs, Student Research Conferences, National Olympiads, and Open Doors event. Every year we strive to innovate, grow and spread inspiration and new ideas.

Will CITI University help you in your future career?

It is a great honor for us that our graduates are starting their careers successfully and  starting their own businesses in their fields. No matter what field you have studied, the opportunity will always be open. Our school curriculum will help and support you for the rest of your life. 

How about your practice and experience?

Our students have access to all kinds of internship programs in their fields of study In addition to gaining practical experience in various fields, you can also receive paid internship. For example, in the “One Year Paid Internship” program, more than 10 students study and work in Japan (December 5, 2020) during the 2020-2021 academic year to improve their knowledge and skills. Over the past 3 years, more than 50 students from our school have participated in the program, earned salaries, improved their language skills, gained experience and graduated with an international certificate.

What other career and professional support are available?

  • Wide range of support are provided to help understand your work and career goals. For example,
  • We host a variety of career related events, training and seminars.
  • We also put out open job vacancies from partner organizations and offer students new opportunities.

“Citi zone” Innovation and Business Development Center

  • “Citizone” Innovation and Business Development Center is Citi University’s vision and the 2020-2021 action plan. It was established within the framework of the European Union Erasmus+ program and as part of a University-Business cooperation project. The following activities include:
  • Self-development training for teachers and students, lectures, free conferences, art exhibition, art, culture and sporting events.
  • Innovative and business projects initiated by teachers and students will be selected, and with up to 30 million MNT will be allocated to 1-3 projects each year.
  • Students and graduates are supported by our cooperative companies and organizations to find employment and start their own business. We provide job seekers with knowledge, skills and practices they need to compete in the labour market.

Foreign cooperation and programs

  1. Since 2014, our school is gradually strengthening student exchanges and has been selected as a partner organization of the European Union’s Erasmus Mundus Mobility Asia /EMMA/ scholarship exchange program in Mongolia. More than 30 students and teachers participated in bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and mid-term programs. They successfully studied at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis in France.
  2. In cooperation with Korea University “UIDUK”, Citi University has started a new specialized class “Airline and Tourism” and is implementing a 2+2 program.

Curriculum reform

  • Teachers and professors develop and improve the curriculum in accordance with the curriculum of world famous universities and compare them with the best programs of other national universities.
  • In accordance with a comprehensive system developed according to a special methodology, the traditional English language training has been changed. Students have been taught from the first year and issued with “Certificate” for each level of graduation and provide opportunity to study further in English. In addition, from the second year of study, our students choose to study and research French, Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages.
  • Students are taught entrepreneurship so they can start their own business, get creative, put their theory into practice, express themselves, develop ideas, and plan their future.
  • The programs have undergone many changes, including ethics, manners, communication, correct attitude, morality, positive thinking, and the practice of “aesthetic education” to create psychological rigidity in a workplace.

Experienced teachers and professors

Our school has teachers and professors with master’s and doctoral degrees from leading national and international universities. In addition to our primary teachers, we also work with leading experts in economic and business. For example, Bailykhuu D., Honored Economist of Mongolia, Turtogtokh G. /Ph.D/, former Member of Parliament, Munkhtogt P., and Amgalan D./Sc.D/ General Coordinators of the MBA program in Business Administration are mentioned here.

Our teachers create and publish about 20 textbooks and manuals. Following books “Advertising and Promotion Management”, “International Marketing”, and “Management Accounting and Analysis” are one of the many textbooks that are also used by other universities and colleges.

Training, seminars and internships

Our school organizes “internship trip” to get acquainted with many organization’s activities and production activities, in order to provide work and vocational guidance, as well as train for work, that is crucial for employment and graduation

In addition, a case study on “self-development” is held annually for graduate students, inviting leaders, successful leaders and celebrities of Mongolia’s largest companies and organizations. After the training, graduates will be given open interviews and advice on employment challenges, how to overcome them, and what to look for when becoming a skilled professional.

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