The School of Humanities of Citi University comprises of the Department of Foreign Languages, Educational Studies and the Department of Journalism.

To this date, the Department of Foreign Languages and Educational Studies has over 230 graduates and all of them are working successfully in their chosen fields.

Since 2015, our department has been conducting a distant-learning program and since 2018, a master’s degree program. Instructors have obtained PhD and ScD degrees in Linguistics from Russia and China. Also, English language teachers have internationally recognized TESOL qualification to teach English.

In 2018, Citi University incorporated the School of Journalism at the Press Institute and a new Department of Journalism was established at the Citi University. The department aims to train citizens by offering a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills that will fully enable them to meet the demands in today's globalized society.

Our department offer high-quality, effective training to prepare professional, ethical and the most skilled journalists in the media sector by introducing Western journalism theory and knowledge. The faculty at the Department of Journalism has many years of practical and theoretical experiences.

Our training is unique in Mongolia in the comprehensiveness of its programs and Western learning methods such as “learning by doing”.

As a result, our students graduate with the ability to work in print and electronic, on-line media.

The advantages of our pre-school teacher training program is unique compare to other schools as we have professional teachers who train students in business, art, design and beauty. Also, we apply game-based learning techniques in line with modern trends, and as well as teaching methods to develop memory and arithmetic skills in parallel with psychological skills.

Wish you the best of luck in your academic pursuit!

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