Program name: Business Administration

Duration: 3 years

Total credits: 60 credits

The purpose of the program

Recruit researchers, faculty, and senior executives in the field of business administration, management, and marketing who want to work at a high level in the business sector and acquire knowledge and skills to make informed decisions based on research, and provide advanced training in specific areas of science. The purpose of this program is to prepare researchers to conduct research and make a real contribution to the development of science.

Program objectives

  • Opportunity to constantly develop and refine business management methods and approaches, and to conduct scientific research within the framework of management methods that meet modern conditions and development requirements.
  • Consider modern business theory and practice at the intersection of scientific disciplines and aim to solve cross-disciplinary issues in addition to its specific areas;
  • To provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the masterpiece of human intellectual works from the electronic database of paid foreign and domestic research.

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