The MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) training and management system used in Citi University's online training is a modular-based dynamic learning environment that is used by more than 243 million users worldwide.

MOODLE is an online distance learning system. Teachers and students with an Internet connection and computer can access its system from anywhere around the world. In addition to allowing teachers to upload their lessons to the system, students can download and view their courses, and it provides the following opportunities:

  • View lesson plans and schedules;
  • View exam schedules;
  • Online discussions with students;
  • Chat;
  • Research;
  • Provides opportunities for student self-assessment;
  • Exercises and assignments;
  • Teacher-student feedback;
  • Entering student grades;
  • Students can view and print their grades;
  • Individual, class and work reports;
  • Conducting in-service and final evaluations;
  • Provides information and advice to customers.

The system is evolving to enable all learning activities to take place online, similar to classroom training. It also allows teachers to monitor student attendance, see who has been reading the content for how many hours, and how they are participating in discussions, assignments, and assessments. This allows teachers to tailor the training to the students' learning style, needs, and time.