What is Microsoft Office 365?

It is a cloud solution that integrates the office applications we use every day with other useful applications. You can work anywhere, at work or home, even on a business trip. Install and use the latest version of Office Applications. Share files from your work computer and edit them directly at the same time.

Everything you need for your job in one

More than 20 applications included in the Office 365 package can be accessed from smartphones and the web.

Team collaboration

1000 GB storage space for all users. Based on cloud technology, your files can be stored online. You can select the files you want and share them with others. Simultaneous HD video conferencing, training, SharePoint, integrated calendars, group chats, classes, teams, offices, or groups for each assignment or project you work on can all work together in one place.

Easy to use and manage

It's very easy and fast to add a new user using the step-by-step instructions. Use centralized admin management to configure the service from anywhere. Office 365 provides you with 99.99% uninterrupted and reliable service.