Students enrolled in General Admission Exam are required to take the Mongolian Script and Literary Examination. The exams are held twice a year and are dated by the Educational Evaluation Center (EEC). Students who have an excuse or do not meet the threshold score can retake the exam.

Students are required to take at least two subjects. These include: Mongolian, English, and Russian languages, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Mongolian History and Sociology. The General Admission Exam topics and assignments should be in the form of tests designed to test the students’ knowledge, cognitive level, and general learning abilities according to the content of the course curriculum.  Mongolian, English and Russian language test contents include listening comprehension tasks.

Test and examine time duration and arrangements

The General Admission Exam and Mongolian Script and Literary Examination schedules will be announced by the Educational Evaluation Center (EEC) in consultation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. Exams will be held simultaneously nationwide during Ulaanbaatar local time. Registration for the General Admission Exam begins on February 25th and ends at 6pm on April 20th. This period will not be extended or added, so registrations must be on time.

The registration fee for the General Admission Exam’s one course is 5800MNT and the certificate is 700MNT. Students have one confirmation sheet for any number of exams.

Test results

Specially prepared machine will read the exam answer sheet in a specially prepared room and immediately report the initial score at the end of the examination period. The test scores will be posted in the "Examiner's Corner" at within 24 hours. The results, scores, and list of each test will be posted on the website

Test scores

The students score is ranked by initial score, rating score, percentage score, and achievement quality index.

The initial score /up to 100 points/ is an assessment of how well subjects and tasks have been completed and is a percentage of the points earned.

For an example, if a math subject’s total point is 50 and the student gets a total of 40 points, this means 80% completion of the test as a percentage and it is the first point. The initial score is the most important calculation of the rating score.

The rating score (from 200 to 800) is a score that measures the overall performance of the course compared to the performance of the student who took the exam. Therefore, the rating score is different depending on the first score of each lesson.

The rating score range is 200-800 points. The percentage score /up to 100%/ is an indicator of the number of students included in the list of a particular subject. If the student’s percentage score is 98.2%, it means that 1.8% of all students have the same or higher score as the other students.

For more information, please refer to the 2021 General Admissions Procedure issued by Educational Evaluation Center (EEC).

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