The master's thesis must meet the following requirements:

1 / to have carried out the issues of certain scientific field in proper in-depth research, experimentation, development, analysis, theoretical and methodological level;

2 / the scientific basis of the matter;

3 / theoretical and practical conclusions, etc.

The master's thesis can be a project or a monograph, and the feasibility study, calculations, implementation methods, and expected results of the project should be clearly formulated and tested.

Graduation thesis requirements:

1/12 pt font height, 1.2 sp line spacing in Times font, 3 cm left, 2 cm right, 2.5 cm at the top and 2.5 cm at the bottom. The page number is placed in the lower center;

2 / The thesis should be at least 50 pages;

3 / Drawings, graphics and schemes should be clear and in high quality level.

4 / Chapter names, subheadings, body text, explanations, and assignments should each have the same format;

5 / The structure of the main thesis:

  • Cover page / Appendix 2 /;
  • Introduction;
  • Research status of the topic, current level;
  • Research Methodology;
  • Results of research and experimental work;
  • Ways to improve, problems to be solved and projects to be implemented
  • General conclusion;
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix.

The pre-defense discussion of the master's thesis will be followed by an extended research seminar by the department / professors team. The date of the workshop can be announced and made public. The workshop will make conclusions and submit the protocol to the school.

The master's thesis is checked by the master's degree defense council. The Master's Degree Defense Council shall be established by the order of the President of CITI University based on the proposal of the constituent school.

Three days before the Master's Degree Council meeting, the final research report, dissertation, supervisor's statement, reviewer's opinion, and opinion (may take feedback from a specific organization) are submitted to the Secretary of the Master's Degree Council.

A reviewer for a master's thesis shall be appointed in consultation with the chairman and secretary of the master's degree defense council.

The Master's Degree Council will review and examine the dissertation of each graduate student on a case-by-case basis, and the secretary will read out the supervisor's description and review.

The graduate student will present the content of the dissertation within 10 minutes, and the main explanations and evaluation sheets of the dissertation will be printed and distributed according to the number of members of the Master's degree defense council. The assessment is given to each graduate student.

If you fail to defend your master's thesis, you have the right to submit it for discussion one more time within 2 years and submit your application to the Master's degree defense council.

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