Credit hours for research master's program

The Research Master's Program consists following courses and research credit hours:

1 / Basic course / professional basic course / total 10 credits;

2 / Specialization course must have at least 12 credits;

3 / Research work shall have 8 credits.

In the case of a Master's thesis, there are 3 credits for organizing research and theoretical seminars under the supervision of a mentor.

The master's graduation thesis  shall have 5 credits. The credit for the master's thesis shall be awarded if the Degree Commission and mentor consider that the dissertation fully met the requirements.

Graduate students can take elective courses from the basic and specialization majors without having to write a master's thesis. In this case, no credit will be given for the general examination.

Credit hours for a professional master's program

Entrants who have worked in the specific field for 3 or more years, who have conducted research in the field of theory and practice, and who have contributed to the development of their organization, community and country may be awarded a master's degree. The research master's program of research consists of the following courses and research credit hours:

1 / Basic course 6 credits;

2 / Specialization course 20 credits;

 3 / Master's thesis 4 credits.

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