Get a statement of graduation

List of required materials

  • Copy of diploma cover and transcript in Mongolian
  • Official name of the place to send statement

Reception: Completed materials will be accepted in Citi University Building A, Room 202 from 09:00 to 17:00.

Disbursement: Will be issued within 1-2 hours upon receipt of materials.

Contact: 89088833 

Email address:

Retake diploma and its transcript

In case of loss of diploma and transcript, the following documents shall be submitted.

These include:

Newspaper advertisement about the loss of a diploma

Copy of ID card

Receipt: Golomt Bank, Citi University / 1102100119 /,

  • Re-payment fee with diploma and transcript: 100,000 MNT;
  • Fee for retrieving the transcript alone: ​​50,000 MNT
  • Re-issuance of diploma cover: 50,000 MNT

Receipt of materials: Bring the materials to the room 202, Building A.

Delivery time: 5-7 working days

Contact: 89088833

Note: The price was approved by the President of Citi University on …of  March 2021.

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