Academic Year

Citi university has two semesters and begins on September 1st. if the day falls on Saturday or Sunday, the class will begin on the next working day.

The 1st and 2nd semesters have 16 weeks of classes and it begins in autumn and spring, three weeks of exams, and 2-3 weeks of winter vacation.

The minor program begins in the first week of October and lasts 15 weeks per semester.

Training procedures 

Classes at Citi University will be held in classrooms allocated according to the curriculum.

The duration of the lesson is 90minutes and the 10 min yecess between classes.  Students must arrive 10 min prior to class time to be prepared

 Cellphone is forbidden during class time, nor disturbing the class.

Continue to study and or will be asked to leave.

A student is eligible to continue his/her studies by paying the tuition fee for the current academic year. Based on the student’s request, one day leave will be honored by the teachers, 2-3 days off by the head of the department, and 4-30 days off by the principal of the school.

If a student is unable to attend classes for more than 30 days he/she will be granted a quarterly leave by the decision of the principal of the school and will be confirmed by the order of the President. The leave may be continued based on a written request for an extension or reissue, and the total period of leave shall not exceed 4 quarters.

If a student requests annual leave, the tuition fee for the semester will be deducted from the semester fee and the remaining tuition will be refunded. However, if the student has tuition and other unpaid bills (such as library), they must be paid in advance.

The Academic Affairs Department will verify the credits and GPA(grade point average) of the student applying for leave, and determine whether he/she is studying with a state of loan or grant. 

The President of CITI university will grant leave and issue an order to students who do not have financial calculations. An extension or reissuance of leave may be granted based on a written request.

Annual leave shall be calculated from the date of granting leave, and at the end of the leave period, students shall register for classes and continue their studies.

Promote class

Students who complete the academic year will be notified by the Academic Affairs Department that they will be promoted and will be confirmed by the order of the President of the Citi university.

Dismissal from school 

Students are dismissed from school for the following reasons:

  • by the students own request
  • transferred to a different school

Expulsion from school

The student is expelled from school for the following reasons:

  • did not arrive on time after the leave or did not apply for an extension.
  • if it is proven that he/she has committed a crime or a serious moral violation (such as drinking alcohol or stealing in the school environment).


Students applying to transfer to CITI University must meet the following conditions. These include:

  • Must have attended a local university or college accredited by the National Council for Education accreditation.
  • Must have studied at a foreign university or college that can accept credit.
  • Studied at a foreign or domestic university for at least one semester with a GPA of more than 2, and collected an average of at least 10 credits per semester.
  • There is no discrepancy between the major and the entrance exam. 

If the above conditions are not met, the transfer may be decided with the permission of the Head of Academic Affairs, considering the talents, interests, and job requirements of the student who wishes to transfer.

Transfer of credits will not be allowed if the amount of credits collected in the previous school is not enough. In case of excess, it will be credited to the curriculum.

Citi University students can  transfer to another program within the school

If a student applies to transfer to another program within the school, the following conditions must be met. These include:

  • there is no discrepancy between the entrance exam between the professional programs.
  • no tuition arrears.

The transfer of a student’s credit for a previous course of study shall be determined by the head of the department and approved by the principal of the school.

Students applying for transfer should  state the reasons for their transfer to the Academic Affairs Department and have it processed by appropriate procedures.

Depending on the specifics of the professional program, additional examinations, interviews, and transfer levels may be arranged by the school.

If there are good reasons, you can transfer from the full-time class to the part-time professional class. In this case, the scholarship will not be awarded if you have received a scholarship for full-time study, and the transfer student must provide a written consent. 

If a graduate with a previous higher education degree applies for a bachelor’s degree, the difference between the number of credits and the credits in the diploma supplement will be adjusted by comparing it with the current curriculum.

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