The graduate will be admitted to Citi University in accordance with the relevant regulations and will have successfully completed the course in accordance with the curriculum.

If the graduate is studying in a dual or in a different major, he / she must have successfully completed the compulsory and elective courses in accordance with the curriculum of the program and have met the relevant requirements. Diplomas will be awarded for each major if you have a dual degree.

The graduate has no outstanding tuition or other fees.

Students who complete the courses in the undergraduate curriculum will graduate with a GPA of at least 1.7.

Students with a GPA of less than 1.7, even if they have completed a full course of study, will be given the opportunity to meet these conditions and, if they wish, may be issued a Citi University Certificate of Completion.

The issue of graduation of a student who is late from graduation for valid reasons shall be decided by the graduation sub-committee based on the proposal of the professional department of the school.

According to the curriculum, a student who successfully meets the requirements of the degree and successfully completes the final exam and collects the appropriate credits will be awarded a diploma and a badge certifying his / her professional educational degree.

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