The doctoral dissertation must resolve the issues relevant to the field or resolve practical issues related to the country's social and economic life on the country on basis of scientific grounds (proven by the methodology).

The applicant must prove the grounds for the proposed new solution, compare it with other previous and known solutions, reveal its advantage, provide a theoretical and practical conclusion with the new knowledge, information, and ground, and meet the requirements of a single research paper. 

The doctoral dissertation must be written and published by the design and requirements approved by the President of CITI University and must be by the norms of the scientific language research. 

The list of copyrighted papers or patents obtained in the field of research must be attached to the dissertation 

The size of the dissertation should be at least 100 pages of A4 size, including figures, tables, graphics, bibliography, and appendices. 

The dissertation must be written in the Mongolian language. A brief introduction to the dissertation must be written in English or Russian in 3 pages and attached at the end of the dissertation. 

At the request of the applicant and with the consent of the majority of the members of the Doctoral Council, the dissertation may be written in English and defended in English. In this case, a brief introduction of the dissertation must be written in Mongolian. 

The complete list shall include all papers used or cited in the dissertation. However, this list does not include general scientific research, reference books, and textbooks. If it is proven that another researcher's dissertation or research material has been used without citation, the measures up to not consider this part of the dissertation shall be taken accordingly. 

The results of the research can be included in the dissertation in the form of technical and economic efficiency calculations. 

Structure of the main explanatory note of the dissertation: 

1/ Cover page;

2/ Inner cover page;

3/ Table of contents; 

4/ Keywords, terminology (if necessary); 

5/ Foreword; 

6/ Main part (may consist of 2-3 chapters); 

7/ General conclusion, list of papers used (bibliography), appendix, brief introduction of the dissertation /annotation/.

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