Undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students of CITI University shall follow the following regulations on campus. These include:

1 / to respect the honor, dignity, rights, and freedoms of others;

2 / to use the furniture of classrooms, halls, laboratories, cabinets, toilets, corridors, libraries, and cafeteria sparingly;

3 / to comply with the legitimate requirements of others, to take an active part in teaching and learning activities, and not to violate school rules;

4) to be vigilant about any potential danger or accident, such as fire, theft, or dehydration, and to immediately notify the relevant officials and duty officers as soon as they become aware of the accident or violation;

5 / not to conduct trade and services in places other than those approved by the school administration;

6 / to arbitrarily change, replace or disconnect electrical and plumbing equipment of the school building;

7 / not to leave windows, vents, and faucets open;

8 / to make demands on the violators of the rules of the school and to eliminate the violations;

9 / if it is necessary to work on the school after 8 pm, permission must be obtained from the school administration and relevant officials. This provision shall also apply if it is necessary to study or work on a non-working day;

10 / to arbitrarily change lesson schedule or misuse classroom rooms;

11 / to organize meetings and events in the school building without the permission of the school administration; 

12) not to throw cigarette butts, garbage, and saliva in the school environment.

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