The purpose of the scholarship

Scholarship of the President of Mongolia awards to full-time undergraduate students who have exemplary and outstanding achievements in the development and promotion of knowledge, creativity, new ideas, good deeds, talents, and skills.


Students who meet more than 50 percent of the following criteria will be awarded a scholarship named after the President of Mongolia. These include:

 1 / GPA of at least 3.6 for 4 consecutive semesters of the academic year;

 2 / Regularly participate in, organize and inform the public about voluntary activities for the good of society;

 3 / To conduct international and national research and evaluation in the field of study, to publish new ideas and results, and to introduce technical and technological achievements;

 4 / Have practiced Mongolian traditional customs, genealogy and other activities in their own lives and set an example for others.

Receipt and delivery of materials

Eligible students must submit the following documents to the Department of Educational Policy and Coordination of CITI University by February 15 and October 25 of each year. These include:

 1 / a copy of the student's academic achievement and skills, a copy of the certificate, and a presentation on the results of the project implemented in accordance with the criteria set forth in Criterion 1;

 2 / Students who meet the conditions set forth in Clause 2 of the Criteria 2 shall be provided with relevant information, videos and photographs on the relevant activities, a description of the organization that co-organized the public works, and the goals, objectives and results of the activities;

3 / Notarized copies of reports, articles, medals, awards, honors, certificates, patents and decisions of the competent authority accepting the new technology, products and materials published by the student who meets the conditions specified in paragraph 3;

 4 / short introductions, audio and video recordings of audio and video recordings and other materials proving the dissemination of traditional customs, genealogies, tangible and intangible cultural heritage, which are preserved, inherited and disseminated by students who meet the conditions set forth in Criterion 4;

 5 / An essay written by the student in 500 words about the eligibility of the scholarship.

The following documents and documents of the scholarship candidate will be selected by April 15 and November 15 of each year, and the materials of the eligible students will be submitted to the Office of the President.

Scholarship award

A working group is set up at the Office of the President and the selection process is organized in two stages. The working group will evaluate the materials submitted in the first stage and give up to 50 points, and the essays submitted in the second stage will give up to 50 points. 

  Up to 30 eligible students receive an annual award of MNT 1,200,000 signed by the President of Mongolia.

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