Student who meet the following requirements must submit an application for a loan by September 10 of each year to the Department of Academic Policy and Coordination of Citi University. These include:

  1. Must be an entrant with an average score of 600 or higher in the general entrance examination;
  2. Be a bachelor's degree student with a GPA of 2.8 or higher;
  3. Must be registered in the database information system.

Applications for new loans

Students who meet the above requirements must submit the following documents when applying:

  1. Copy of ID card;
  2. Loan application and repayment application (obtained from the Department of Training Policy and Regulation);
  3. A copy of the general entrance examination score sheet;
  4. Certificate of GPA (obtained from the Department of Education Policy and Coordination);
  5. Original invoice (obtained from the Finance Department);
  6. A certified list of courses taught during the semester (obtained from the Department of Educational Policy and Coordination);
  7. Essays to define future goals (the contribution of the loan to society, the results of the study of the profession).

Things to consider

If the borrower applies for a leave, transfer, or leave of absence or is absent for 30 days or more without a valid reason, the school shall immediately notify the fund in writing, register the database, and transfer the loan balance.

Materials for students who want to continue getting a loan

  1. School’s description of grade (obtained from the Department of Education Policy and Coordination);
  2. A certified list of subjects to be studied during the semester (obtained from the Department of Educational Policy and Coordination);
  3. Original invoice (obtained from the Finance Department).


  • Content: May be at least 500 words or more. Write on 1 page.
  • Introduction
  • / own information, purpose and scope according to the content of the essay /
  • Main body
  • Information/my major-my choice/
  • Rationale / How your chosen profession will affect your life in the future /
  • Support / What is required for a “Student Development Loan” to study in your chosen profession? /
  • Evidence of the topic covered
  • Conclusion
  • Writer's idea / recall the content and evaluate your own idea /

/ How do you envision your future and how to repay your loan after graduation?

Essay Criteria:

  1. Writer's position, attitude, meaning, and whether it is expressed
  2. Whether the content of the topic is appropriate and the causes and consequences are correctly defined
  3. Relation
  4. Whether the evidence and support requirements are clearly defined
  5. Unique thinking, recording organization, style and composition
  6. Distinctive features
  7. Order, after order
  8. Writing culture
  9. Knowledge of punctuation and spelling rules


In the upper left corner, write the name and e-mail address of the student of “CITI” University. For example:

2nd year marketing student of “City” University

Natsagdorj Khulan

 My future goal

Essay Criteria:


The essay is typed on a computer using Word and submitted to the Training Office as a file. Write the file name in English. For example: N.Khulan

  • Paper size A4,
  • The size of the paper from 4 sides is 1 cm
  • Font Times New Roman
  • Font size 12
  • Line spacing 1.5

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