The government provide a grant aid to the new Ph.D doctor’s students with disabilities at Citi University.

Grants do not apply to Ph.D doctor's students who have enrolled for the second time.

Accepting documents

If you meet the above conditions, you must submit the following documents to the Department of Academic Affairs of Citi University by October 10 of each year:

1 / Application;

2 / Copy of Master's diploma

3 / A reference from the soum/ khoroo, district / governor;

4 / Decision of the commission determining the percentage of complete disability.

Giving grant aid

1 / The Department of Academic Affairs of “CITI” University check the documents of eligible master's and submit a request for a grant to the Education Loan Fund. The Education Loan Fund will review the information and decide on the grant.

2 / Funding will be suspended if a graduate student who has accepted a grant is on leave or expelled from school.

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