Business Administration

Specialization: Business Administration Education of the enroller: Bachelor
Name of Program: Business Administration Study period: 1.5 year
Degree of education: Master Total study credit: 30
I. Basic of specialization subjects
Compulsory subjects Credit
TSC501 Methods of Science and Research-I 3
KNM501 Knowledge Management 3
PER501 Leadership Management 3
Elective courses -
CMGT502 Corporate Governance Business Perfection 3
BCO501 Business relationship and flexibility development 3
Total 12
II. Specialization subjects
Compulsory subjects Credit
SMRK502 Strategic service marketing 2
INVM502 The changing and Innovation Management of Organization 2
SAM502 Sales Management Strategy 2
Administration of marketing, strategy 2
Elective courses -
PRO502 Project Management 2
FACR601 Finance, Accounting 2
ITIM601 Management of foreign investment 2
Total 14
III. Master's thesis
Compulsory subjects Credit
RES601 Research Seminar 2
DIS601 Master's thesis 5
Total 7

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