Art Researcher

Specialization: Art Education of the enroller: Master
Name of Program: Art Researcher Study duration: 3 years
Degree of education: Doctor Total study credit: 60
A. Basic of specialization subjects
Subject Credit
SCRM-701 Methods of Science and Research 3
ARCS-701 Art cognition and semiotics 2
INPH-701 Philosophy of Arts 2
MNGL-701 Globalization and management 3
IART-702 Art Innovations 2
Total 15
B. Specialization
Subject Credit
ARCR-702 Criticism of Works of Art 3
ARTD-702 Art Differentiation And Globalization 3
AEST-702 Aesthetic sources 3
ARTG-801 Hermeneutics Of Art 3
CART-801 Creative Production Of Culture And Art 3
Elective Courses -
MMUI-801 Modern musical composition innovation 3
DARTI-801 Screen art innovation 3
ITVA-801 Using information technology in the fine arts 3
DARTI-801 Art research of Dance and innovation 3
PART-802 History of postmodern art 3
ARIN-802 Artistic innovation 3
SMFM-802 Music research 3
SHBM-802 Show Business Management 3
RES- 802 Research Software 3
Total 21
Subject Credit
RES-834 Research and theoretical seminars 12
DIS-834 Dissertations 24
Total 36

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