specialization: Legal Education of the enroller: Bachelor
Name of Program: Law Study period: 1.5 year
Degree of education: Master Total study credit 30
I. Basic of specialization subjects
Compulsory subjects Credit
TSC501 Methods of Science and Research 3
JURIS-501 Law knot theory 3
PER501 Leadership Management 3
PLAW-501 Comparative Constitutional Law 2
THEO-501 Modern trends in state theory 2
Total 13
II. Specialization subjects
Compulsory subjects Credit
HUMR-502 Theory and Practice of Human Rights 3
COMC-502 Comparative Criminal Law 3
COMA-502 Comparative Administrative Law 2
CILA-502 Proceeding Of Civil Law 2
Elective courses -
COML-503 Comparative modern law problems 2
EENG501 Professional English 2
CILA-503 Modern family law trends 2
evID-503 Evidence Theory 2
Total 16
III. Master's thesis
Compulsory subjects Credit /6/
DIS601 Master's Diploma Project 5
Total 5

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