CITI University is private university, consisting of six schools. Today, more than 135 faculty members (including the administrative staff) instruct approximately 2000 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. The advantage of our university is a well-developed FOREIGN RELATIONS AND COOPERATION.

CITI University has signed mutual exchange agreements with more than 20 foreign governmental and international organizations, foreign universities and research institutions of France, Russia, China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Philippines: Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, l’Université Nice Sophia Antipolis of France, Pusan national University of South Korea.

CITI University and its partner institutions have been regularly running exchange programs. These programs offer the participants opportunities to study overseas as exchange students for 6-12 months.

CITI University aims to develop international academic cooperation in the areas of academic mobility, scientific research partnerships and double diploma programs. One of the integrated projects carried out by the CITI University with foreign partners is the European Union's ERAMUS MUNDUS MOBILITY ASIA (EMMA) scholarship exchange program in Mongolia between 2014-2018 and more than 30 teaching staff and students benefited from the opportunity to expand their academic and cultural horizons, get acquainted with international education systems, gain experience in intercultural communication, and to increase their competitiveness in the world labor market in France, Italy and in Poland.

Today, CITI has more than 395 foreign undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students from China, Japan and Philippine.

For more information about the project, please contact the International Relations Department of CITY University.

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