Diploma Thesis

Diploma Thesis

Diploma Thesis is an active form of training that develops students’ knowledge and skills for independent research. The duration of diploma thesis is 1 year or 2 semesters.

A student who writes and defends the diploma project is exempted from the professional final exam and the topic and mentor are agreed with the head of the department. The dissertation will be discussed at a department meeting and approved by the principal at the beginning of the school year.

A special book will be issued by the Department Academic Affairs to students who have been granted the right to work on their thesis. During the year, students will conduct research, analysis, and project work on their chosen topic. Students and mentors must make notes in their notebooks and sign them each time they meet with their mentor for counseling.

The students’ transcript will be reviewed by the board of directors in the middle of the school year and evaluated. If the student does not meet with the mentor during this time, or does not begin the dissertation, the student will be disqualified from writing the thesis and will be required to take the final exam.

Evaluate the Diploma thesis 

Mentor teacher evaluation.

Each students work is worth up to 50 points and will be given evaluated description. This score consists of the following components:

  • Theoretical part – 10 points
  • Research part – 10 points
  • Conclusion part – 10 points
  • Special section( new ideas, methods and logic) – 10 points
  • Accurate operation – 10 points

One week prior to the preliminary defense, the mentor shall submit the assessment of the graduating student, along with a reference, to the secretary of the subcommittee for the defense of dissertation.

Bachelor thesis may be reviewed externally if necessary.

Preliminary defense

Preliminary defense will be organized by the head of the professional department and the secretary of the sub-committee it will be announced two weeks in advance. The maximum score for pre-defense from the professional department is 20, and the mentor's rating may be reduced depending on the performance and security of the work. After the preliminary defense, the total score of the graduating student (maximum score 70 = 50 + 20) will be issued and the department will submit this result together with the reference to the Department of Academic Affairs.

Students who have received the required assessment in the preliminary defense will be eligible for the defense of the thesis.

Thesis defense

The student will present his / her dissertation within 10 minutes, and the secretary of the committee will read the presentation of the mentor.

The student taking the final exam will prepare 15-20 minutes for the ticket question and make a presentation within 10 minutes.

Committee members will ask questions and receive answers as part of the thesis and the graduate student's professional curriculum.

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