President and Founder

Baigalmaa Tsembel, President and Founder of “CITI” University /Ph.D., Professor/

President  of “CITI” University manages the day-to-day activities of the University and performs the following main functions:

1/ To develop directions and programs for the University development in compliance with the government policy for the development of higher education, science and technology, submit them to the Board for approval, and implement the decisions made;

2/ To approve and enforce bylaws, regulations and instructions to be followed at the school level and monitor their implementation;

3/ To approve job descriptions of teachers and staff, monitor its’ implementation, to develop and approve salary and bonus policies and procedures;

4/ To provide structural units and schools with integrated coordination and management for their normal and reliable operation, to have full and accurate information on the quality of their activities, and to be responsible for the results;

5/ To ensure the stable operation of the structure and mechanisms for continuous improvement of the quality of the main activities of the University;

6/ To create financial and capital resources for the University development, strengthen the University's foreign cooperation, and expand the training and research partnership;

7/ To approve and enforce the code of professional ethics of the University teachers and their implementation.