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CityZon Innovation and Business Development Center was established in accordance with the vision of City University and the action plan for the 2020-2021 academic year within the framework of the European Union's ERASMUS + program or University-Business Cooperation Project. The center will organize the following activities. These include:

1. Personal development trainings, lectures, free meetings, art exhibitions, art, culture and sports events for teachers and students;

2. To select innovation and business projects initiated by teachers and students, to allocate up to 20 million MNT for 1-3 projects each year and to cooperate;

3. Collaborate with companies and organizations to help students and graduates find employment or start their own businesses, and provide job seekers with the knowledge, skills, and practices they need to compete in the job market.

      1. Our school has been gradually intensifying student exchanges and since 2014 has been selected as a partner organization of the European Union's Erasmus Mundus Mobility Asia (EMMA) scholarship exchange program in Mongolia. Within the framework of this program, more than 20 students and teachers of our school are enrolled in bachelor's, master's, doctoral and mid-term programs and are successfully studying at the University of Nice Sofia Antipolis, France.
      2. “CITI” University in cooperation with “UIDUK” University of Korea has opened a new professional class “Air transport service” - “Airlines & Tourism” and is implementing a 2 + 2 program.
      3. From 2018, students of the hospitality and tourism management class will participate in the "ONE-YEAR PAID INTERNSHIP PROGRAM" and work in "HILTON NISEKO VILLAGE", "YUKAI RESORT", hotels in Okinawa prefecture, Japan. Acquired advanced hospitality technology, skills and experience, and improved their knowledge of Japanese and English.
      1. School teachers and professors are constantly developing their curricula in accordance with the curricula of internationally renowned universities and comparing them with the best programs of other domestic universities.

      2.  According to a comprehensive system developed by a special methodology, the traditional English language training has been changed, students have been taught from the first year, and "Certificates" have been issued for each stage of graduation. Beginners are selected from French, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

      3. It teaches students the “Entrepreneurship” course necessary for them to become entrepreneurs in many ways, such as starting a business, developing creative thinking, practicing their theoretical skills in practice, expressing themselves, developing their ideas, and planning their business.

      4. Many changes have been made to the program, such as the practice of “Aesthetic Education” to create ethics culture, upbringing, communication, right attitude, high moral maturity, positive thinking, and psychological rigidity in the workplace.

Our school is staffed by experienced techers and professors with master's and doctoral degrees from prestigious foreign and domestic universities. In addition to our core teachers, we work with top experts in economics and business. For example, D.Bailykhuu, Honored Economist of Mongolia, G.Tortogtokh /Ph.D/, former Member of Parliament, P.Munkhtogt, General Coordinator of the MBA Program in Business Administration, and D.Amgalan /Sc.D/ can be mentioned here. Our teachers have developed and published about 20 textbooks and manuals.

The textbooks "Advertising and Promotion Management", "International Marketing", and "Management Accounting and Analysis" are also used in other professional institutes and universities.

      • Pride Day
      • A variety of activities as part of the career promotion campaign
      • Public Speaking and Debate Club
      • Quizzes in major subjects
      • Business School Student Research Conference
      • Business School Teachers' Conference
      • Eureka and other Scientific Conferences
      • National management olympics
      • “GRAND TOUR” National Tourism Olympiad
      • "Open Day" for secondary schools
      • Enroll students in scholarship programs

The business school has been organizing “practice trips” to get acquainted with the organization's activities and production activities in order to provide career guidance and job preparation, which is very important for job placement and graduate skills development of graduates.

In addition, the Business School organizes an annual case study on “Personal Development” for undergraduates, bringing together leaders of Mongolia's largest companies and organizations, successful leaders and celebrities. After the training, the graduates are given an open interview and advice on the challenges of finding a job, how to overcome them, and what to look for when becoming a skilled professional.