School of Construction, Architecture and Design of the CITI UNIVERSITY have departments of Computer and Graphic Design and Fashion Design. 

We are fully capable of preparing professionals in every aspect of their chosen career. Our responsibilities in society are creating initiative individuals who are able to be competitive within globalized world of 21st century.

School of Construction, Architecture and Design has been successfully running study programmes including i) bachelor’s degree  in fashion designing, design in knitting, civil engineering, architecture, interior design,  graphic design and software engineering 

ii) master’s degree in fashion design.

Our school has more than 400 graduates from last 23 years, and most of them almost 90% of these professionals are leading in their market and working in fields in one of the  biggest manufacturing companies and  established their own business and practices.

 Our school has been awarded by the State Designer’s Association and won Grand prix runner ups from the national biggest festival for fashion designer ‘Goyol’; also three times awarded as ‘Mongolia’s best fashion bureau’ and our students were awarded 5 times Grand Prix and 14 times 1st place and Special prize 10 times and Best Design School certificate 5 times and Best leading lecturers prize handed to 4 lecturers from the ‘Spring Fashion Design’ among design universities, and we are very proud of our success and our team is the leader  in the field.

We participated in many international festivals and events for young designers organized in Japan, Russia, China, Singapore, Austria and Germany. We have been awarded several times.

Our school is member of the Mongolian Designers Association, Union of Mongolian Architects, and Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association. We  organize ‘Citi-Design’ State Competition every year among secondary education schools in order to improve education of pupils in terms of their awareness in aesthetic, thinking and skills. 

CITI University School of Construction, Architecture and Design supports their students in getting national and international scholarships and help them  to participate in internships and focusing on their development progress. We are running several clubs and unions for our lecturers and students, we also join humanitarian events and we have 20 years of experience in this field and one of country’s highly reputable universities.

Wish you the best of luck in your academic pursuit!