Master's thesis defense

The graduate student will begin research on a topic of his / her choice in the second term, and will complete his / her dissertation in the third term.

Undergraduates with a GPA of 3.0 or higher may be eligible for a scholarship to work as an assistant teacher under the auspices of a school, department, or faculty. The purpose of the program is to improve the theoretical and methodological knowledge and skills of undergraduates in the field of training, research, production and innovation, to receive financial support, and to develop effective and  joint activities.

Determining the level of master's degree training and research

The “Master's degree and research level assessment work” will be organized in November of each year at the component school as follows. These include:

1 / evaluate the student's efforts and cooperation with supervisors and consultants;

2 / to determine and evaluate whether the research work has been done or has reached the appropriate level at the stage of study.

An exam commission is established by the training staff in each of the school's majors.

Based on the verification, the Commission shall submit to the Board of Directors a proposal on the protocol on further training, exclusion, transfer, annual leave, and submit the decision to the Academic Affairs Department.

The following materials were used to assess the level of student training and research. These include:

1 / an evaluation sheet that has been studied and evaluated in accordance with the curriculum;

2 / supervisor's conclusion on the presentation and discussion of the scientific conference and professor's report;

Exclude from master's degree studies

Students who do not attend or pay tuition for one academic year without official permission will be expelled.

 In case of exclusion or exemption at the request, the student is responsible for reimbursing the expenses paid by the government and the procuring entity.

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