Teacher, Art Education

Specialization:  Education  Education of the enroller:  High school
Name of Program:  Teacher, Art Education Form of learning :  Full time
Degree of education:  Bachelor Total study credit: 120

First year

Fall semestr of first year, list of credit.
Fall semestr Credit
CHOR-101 Chorus I 2
PIO-101 Group Piano I 1
MLWS-101 Stylistics of Mongolian Language 3
HDEV-101 Human Development,Communication skill and law 3
THEO-101 Music Theory I 3
ENG-101 English I 3
SOLI-101 Aural Skills I 2
NMUS-101 National Instrument I 1
TEAC-101 Fundamentals of Education 2
Total 20


Spring semestr of first year, list of credit.
Spring semestr Credit
INTR-112 Introduction of Teacher Profession 2
PIO-112 Group Piano II 1
THEO-112 Music Theory II 3
ENG-102 English II 2
PHIL-102 Philosophy 3
MHCC-102 Mongolian Tradition, Culture and History 3
SOLI-112 Aural Skills II 2
NMUS-102 National Instrument II 1
CHOR-112 Chorus II 2
DANC-102 International Folk Dance 1
Total 21
Second year
Fall semestr of second year, list of credit.
Fall semestr Credit
DANC-201 Contemporary and Jazz Dance 1
CHOR-201 Chorus III 2
PIO-201 Group Piano III 1
FORL-201 Russian I 2
PSYC-201 Education Psychology I 1
FOLM-201 Minority Music I 1
THEO-201 Music Theory III 3
SOLI-201 Aural Skills III 2
COMP-201 Information Technology 2
Total 15


Spring semestr of second year, list of credit.
Spring semestr Credit
CHOR-212 Chorus IV 2
FOLM-212 Minority Music II 1
PIO-212 Group Piano IV 1
BEDU-202 Basic Of Education 1
MISI-212 Polyphony I 1
SOLi-212 Aural Skills IV 2
PSYC-212 Education Psychology II 2
MUSH-202 History of Mongolian Music 3
Total 13
Third year
Fall semestr of Third year, list of credit.
Fall Semestr Credit
ORCH-301 Chamber Music I 1
AES-301 Aesthetics 3
MISI-311 Polyphony II 1
SOLI-301 Aural Skills V 2
SHPR-301 Note software 2
CHOR-311 Chorus V 2
ELEC-301 Electric keyboard music I 1
MUSH-301 History of Western Music 3
Total 15
Spring semestr of Third year, list of credit.
Spring Semestr Credit
BDM-302 Disaster Management 3
ORCH-312 Chamber Music II 1
MISI-312 Polyphony III 1
TRNA-302 Conversion 2
SOLI-312 Aural Skills VI 1
CHOR-312 Chorus VI 2
ELEC-302 Electric keyboard music II 1
METH-302 Basic education music teaching methodology 2
PROF-302 Internship 2
INS-301 Materials of Music Instruments 2
Total 17


Fourth year
Fall semestr of fourth year, list of credit.
Fall Semestr Credit
ELEC-411 Electric keyboard music III 2
MEMU-401 Folk music 2
ORCH-411 Chamber Music II 2
CONC-401 Concertmaster I 3
COND-401 Conducting I (Chorus) 2
MUS-401 Music Analysis 3
Total 14
Spring semestr of fourth year, list of credit.
Spring Semestr Credit
COND-412 Conducting II (Chorus) 2
EBM-402 Methodology to support music teacher teaching 3
CONC-412 Concertmaster II 2
ORC-412 Chamber Music Method 2
SMET-402 teaching music methodology 2
PROF-402 Internship 3
Music Theory 2
Professional Examination 2
Total 18
Lanka Lanka
Lanka Lanka
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