Student identity card 

Undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students will be issued a Student identity card of Citi University upon the President's order to enroll. If you have lost the identity card, you can contact the Department of Academic Affairs to recover it.


The Department of Academic Affairs will issue a formal statement confirming that they are undergraduate, master, or doctoral students at CITI University, as well as a transcript. Informal transcripts are available free of charge from the student database. The description of the duration of the course includes the student's total grade for the course (including unsuccessful grades).

A certificate of completion and a formal confirmation of the grade in the diploma appendix shall be issued by the Department of Academic Affairs.

Reimbursement of diplomas

Diplomas that have been lost, or become unusable by a graduate of Citi University since 2002 will be reimbursed at the request of the graduate. The date of graduation and the old diploma number shall be affixed to the compensated diploma and certified by the signatures, stamps, and seals of the incumbent President and relevant authorities.

Re-issued diplomas must be marked for reimbursement. Reimbursement of diplomas is based on the cost of diploma materials and service fees. The fee is set by the President of CITI University. 

At the individual's request, a fee of MNT 5,000 will be charged for issuing references and inquiries in Mongolian, MNT 10,000 in English, and MNT 5,000 for obtaining archival documents.

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