Graduation exam

Areas and programs that reflect the content of the final exam will be developed by the professional department and presented to students at least 45 days before the exam. The review lecture for the exam will be organized by the department within the timeframe specified in the curriculum.

The schedule of the final examination shall be issued by the Department of Academic Affairs one month prior to the beginning of the examination and approved by the order of the President of CITI University.

  • Students who pass the final exam will be assessed on a scale of up to 100:
  • The test score shall not exceed 60 points.

The oral test will be graded on a scale of no more than 40, and each teacher will determine the criteria for evaluating the student's response and agree with the relevant department.

When taking the test by online, a student is expected to complete 40-50 tasks in 90 minutes.

Interviews or oral examinations positioned validate professional theoretical and methodological knowledge, skills and attitudes. 

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