Art of Singing

Specialization: Art Education of the enroller: Bachelor
Name of Program: Art of Singing Study period: 1.5 year
Degree of education: Master Total study credit: 30
I. Basic of specialization subjects
Compulsory subjects Credit
TSC501 Methods of Science and Research - I 3
ARH 501 Philosophy of Arts 3
PER501 Leadership Management 3
Elective courses -
ARN 501 Sociology of art 3
AST 501 Aesthetics 3
MNGT 501 Human Resource Management, Strategy 3
Total 12
II. Specialization subjects
Compulsory subjects Credit
INP-502 International intellectual property 3
ARI 502 Art innovation and perfection 2
ARI 502 Arts criticism studies 3
Elective courses -
ARI502 Marketing of Arts 2
TMA 502 Theater Studies 2
SING 502 Professioanl Skill 2
PSK502 Skill of Musical Producer 2
PSK 502 Skill of Producer 2
CUR 502 Cultural heritage studies 2
Total 14
III. Master's thesis
Compulsory subjects Credit
RES601 Research Seminar 2
DIS601 Master's thesis 5
Total 7

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